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(Yahoo!) - Beyoncé wants you to know she's not pregnant … any questions?

Jay-Z's wife has subtly been dropping hints that she's not expecting baby number two (yet!) by posting photos on Tumblr that show her drinking wine and eating tuna salad (both are no-no's, if you are pregnant). Now for the first time, Beyoncé's rep is going on the record emphatically denying the rumors.

Gayle King revealed on "CBS This Morning" that she spoke with Knowles's publicist who said there is no truth to the pregnancy rumors. This is the first official denial Team Beyoncé has given since The New York Post first exclaimed last month that the singer was expecting a child.

"I got a call yesterday from Team Beyoncé you guys, and they’re basically saying stop the crazy, she is absolutely positively not pregnant at this time," King said. "It’s a crazy rumor that started that they can’t seem to stop, and so they wanted us to."

Continued King: "It’s a very personal question, and it’s true she and Jay-Z absolutely want to have another baby and when the time is right, when they decide the time is right, they will share it. So, they have standing invitations to come here anytime. But she’s absolutely not pregnant."


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