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Looks like millions of fans weren’t the only ones tuning in to the past few seasons of R&B Divas on TVOne. Plenty of other R&B singers were tuning in as well and were captivated by the talent, sisterhood, and, lets be honest, the opportunity that was available.

Now with R&B Divas LA set to premiere this fall, one of the cast members is taking the opportunity to clear up longstanding rumors. Dawn Robinson has wanted to tell her story, and the EnVogue singer finally has her chance.

“It really feels like I’m getting out what I always wanted to get out, that I’m expressing myself in a way that I always wanted to, that people who misunderstood me before will finally get a chance to understand what happened in my past and where I’m going now,” Dawn in a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, calling the reality TV experience “therapeutic” and “wonderful.”

Dawn went on to admit that it wasn’t just the fans who had been bombarded and confused by the groups rumored split, but others in the industry had been as well. Her “Divas” co-stars didn’t even know which of the EnVogue rumors were fact or fiction.

“I feel like I’m finally being heard for the first time. People assumed a lot about me without really knowing the truth,” she said. “I was never able to discuss what happened to EnVogue.”