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(Yahoo!) - They are close friends who have toured together.

Now they're appearing together on a new cut.

Janelle Monae features Erykah Badu on her new song "Q.U.E.E.N."

"Am I weird to dance alone late at night?" Monae sings on the funky tune. "And is it true we're all insane?"

The first release from Monae's forthcoming The Electric Lady album, "Q.U.E.E.N." was spawned by conversations between the two singers.

"This song is inspired by private conversations she and I have had and continue to have," Monae told Billboard of the collaboration with Badu. "She's a great friend to me. She's like a big sister and it's a song about private dialog that she and I have had."

Last year, Badu said that Monae was her best friend.

"Janelle Monae is keeping me on my A-game," said Badu, who featured Monae on her "Out My Mind, Just In Time Tour 2010." "Secretly, I feel that I have to go out and crush her. We're best friends, though. She'll only find that out by reading this."


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