(NEWSER– Looks like North Korea may be making good on at least one of its threats: After saying it would restart its Yongbyon nuclear reactor, it has apparently launched construction on the site, according to a US think tank. The construction appears visible in a March 27 satellite image of Yongbyon, say experts at Johns Hopkins University, perAFP. The work may be to replace cooling mechanisms that North Korea destroyed under a Bush administration agreement. When working, the reactor can produce 13 pounds of plutonium annually.

  • In another possible sign of action, the government has moved a missile to the east coast, the South's defense head says. Though its range is "considerable," it's not enough to reach the US and may have been moved for training purposes. The weapon is reportedly a Musudan, with a 1,900 mile range; Guam is some 2,200 miles away, the New York Times notes.

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