Florida will become the 40th state in the nation to ban texting while driving.

Gov. Rick Scott is scheduled to sign Senate Bill 52 into law on Tuesday at a Miami school.  It is expected to go into effect in October.

The bill will make it illegal to type or read on your cell phone while driving. It still allows people to text message or read emails at red lights.

Considered a secondary offense, officers could only cite a driver if they pulled them over for another offense, like speeding or running a red light.

Drivers can still legally talk and use talk-to-text options on their cell phones.

Under the new law, a first offense would cost a driver $30. The second offense would cost $60.

Scott said the bill is important to him personally.

"As a father and a grandfather, texting while driving is something that concerns me when my loved ones are on the road. We must do everything we can at the state level to keep our teenagers and everyone on our roads safe," said the governor.

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