Misick wrote a letter to his brother on August 1, 2013 and described as “a bunch of bull s**t”, a July 29 report on the on-line blog the Turks and Caicos Islands Journal, under the headline “Michael Misick in plea bargain negotiations with Americans and SIPT.”

The one-page letter which was obtained by the Turks and Caicos’ SUN newspaper, stated: “I hear the TCI Journal and their British sponsors is up to their old tricks by putting out online a bunch of bull s**t about me. These people are so low and will stoop to anything to try to further destroy me. I am strong in my faith and will never give up no matter what they do…All I can do is keep on praying and be patient that God will soon deliver me from prison here either home or free here in Brazil.”

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Photos by: AP Images/LisaRaye