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Fans of the Jonas Brothers are taking to Twitter to voice their shock about the group's now-canceled tour. 

On Thursday, ticket buyers started receiving their email refunds for the 19 dates that was scheduled to kick off on Friday.  Many fans seem to be taking the news hard, as the brothers' rep stated that there had been a "deep rift" between them over creative differences. 

Some fans were calling the news "a nightmare," and tweeting that they were "heartbroken."  One fan who had plans to attend a meet-and-greet during the tour said she was "balling [her] eyes out." 

Apart from the initial statement about the cancellation, the brothers have yet to speak to fans or address their internal conflicts.  The fate of their album, which has been in the works since early last year, is unclear. 

Sources tell "TMZ" that each brother has a different vision for their music, and feel it's best to settle their differences before releasing anything. 

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