Teen Girls Fighting at Florida Mall!

Man Kicked Off Flight!

Baywatch Movie Trailer!

Frozen Home In Webster,Ny!


Jo-Jo has worked at 26 radio stations over 30 years! Along with working in such major markets as Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Atlanta and Philadelphia, And other markets such as, Denver, Biloxi, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Memphis, San Antonio, Macon, Greensboro and in St.Louis and many times at other stations in the market. Jo-Jo also taught broadcasting at the Broadcast Center in St. Louis. A True Pisces Born and Raised in St.Louis, Jo-Jo started working in radio at KATZ-AM In St. Louis and has done television and radio voice over work for years. Jo-Jo's hobbies include traveling and listening to different radio stations in other markets. Jo-Jo's favorite foods are Jamaican, Mexican, Cuban and good ole soul food. His favorite colors are Red,Black and Blue. Jo-Jo's quote: Treat people how you want to be treated. Pet Peeves.. Don't Lie or be Fake! Keep it Real! I would like to thank those who helped me along the way. Keith Adams,Lee Micheals, Barry Pope, Don Cody, Mike Love, Monte Lang, Mike Stradford, Chuck Adkins, Linda'O' Connor, KJ, Gee Wiz, Walter Brown and The man who understands my gift, Doc Wynter and my biggest fan my Mom!


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