Would you like some horse meat with that burger? Neither would Burger King customers in Britain.

But on Thursday, Burger King admitted after two weeks of denials that tests had revealed "trace" amounts of horse meat in its burgers and Whoppers, according to the Daily Mail. It likely originated from an authorized supplier Poland, which was using meats other than beef as filler in cheap burgers, the Huffington Post said.

The fast food chain had previously denied that it was part of the so-called "horsemeat scandal," but the contamination appears to have been going on since at least last May and potentially up to a year. The scandal started two weeks ago when the Food Safety Authority of Ireland revealed that it had found horse meat and pork in burgers sold in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

In an email late Friday morning, a Burger King spokesman told me that restaurants in the United States "are not impacted" because they do not use products from the Silvercrest Foods plant that processed the patties in Britain.

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