A young boy held hostage in an underground Alabama bunker for nearby a week has another reason to be happy.

Ethan is finally home and celebrating his 6th birthday on Wednesday

His town of Midland City is planning to celebrate in style.

There are signs and ribbons all around town wishing him "Happy Birthday."

He's already received more than 12-hundred cards from across the nation.

Blue and black ribbons decorate schools in the area to honor both Ethan and the bus driver killed in the ordeal.

The city is planning a massive party at a later date.

The community has also started an online campaign to raise 7-thousand dollars to send the boy and his family to Disney World.

The hostage situation ended Monday with the death of Ethan's captor, Jimmy Lee Dykes.

Police say he grabbed the boy off his school bus last week after killing the bus driver.

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