TikTok Applauds Unidentified 'Auntie' For Sticking Up To A Karen

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TikTok is applauding the work of an unidentified "auntie" who came to the defense of store clerks being berated by a "Karen,"

A viral video shows the moment the woman TikTok users have adopted as an internet "Auntie" stepped in to let a white woman know calling workers "stupid" and racial slurs wouldn't be tolerated.

"Hold up, don't call nobody stupid, with you looking like a g–dd–mn lobster," the woman recording says as a white woman yelled at cashiers.

"Don't come up here disrespecting them," the woman continues, letting the white woman know that verbal disrespect wouldn't fly in front of her. "Now, if you're going to talk to them, talk to them with respect, with all that white privilege oozing," she adds.

The video, posted to the account of TikTok user @nezsheri01, gained more than 178k likes, with people in the comments applauding the woman's actions in standing up to the Karen –– who often go unchecked in real time.

"This is only way to deal with them !!!!" one person wrote.

"Now if he made a mistake, he can say he made a mistake," the woman goes on to say in the video, before telling the woman to get out. "This MY hood," she adds before telling the woman to "apologize to them folks."

The Karen seemingly ignores the directive and replies back, to which "Auntie" recites an age-old proverb: "I don't do threats, I do promises."

Several comments pointed out the boundaries the woman drew: "yessss... don't come here with that" one person wrote –– referencing how many of these Karen incidents take place in our communities or while we're going about our day-to-day. "She was on [the] wrong side of town," another person added.

Before the video ends, Auntie called the Karen out on one more thing –– the "handkerchief" she used to make a face mask. Check out the full video above or by clicking HERE.

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