DJ Khaled Explains Why Relationships Are More Important Than Music

DJ Khaled recently opened up about his feelings over relationships and how important they are. Khaled said, "My relationships are more important to me than making a song."

He continued, "Making sure that everybody is happy is most important to me because music is a celebration. When you give it to the world, it’s a celebration in so many ways. Even when it’s pain." He added, "I don’t try to be (no one else).

I’m just me. It’s important to be yourself, the greatest version of yourself. When people meet me and get to work with me, it’s straight-up pure. I got a clean heart, a beautiful soul, and a beautiful vibe.

That’s what God blessed me with. I hope that the people that I come across are being themselves too. I think when you’re just you, that’s when the realness and the pureness are always authentic. You know?

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