Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis In Boca Raton On "Stop The IRS Money Grab" Tour


Photo: Getty Images

Florida's Chief Financial Officer spent his Friday in Boca Raton on his "Stop the IRS Money Grab" tour.

Jimmy Patronis visited a furniture store to highlight his "Four Pillars of IRS Protection."

He says the 87,000 IRS agents that President Biden and Congressional Democrats approved will be used to audit residents and small business owners based on their political beliefs.

"And they're going to target Floridians. They're going to follow the money. So as we have seen prosperity develop over the last several years, we have seen massive economic growth that outpaces the nation...it's just natural to me that this is going to be the richest hunting ground."

Patronis is also talking up bills just filed in the state House and Senate that are aimed at establishing penalties for any agents who willfully target Floridians.

He also cries foul over a new list of the Top 10 Deadliest Beaches in the Nation, which includes seven in Florida.

"This is nothing more than misinformation to help advertisers promote a different part of the country."

Patronis claims "the other markets that are just trainwrecked, the economics, crime-ridden...'well let's go and let's pick on Florida so we can at least find some other reason why people will want to visit our beaches.' It's just bait and switch."

Travel Lens bases its rankings on what it calls a "danger score," based on the number of surfing fatalities, hurricanes and shark attacks. For instance, it says there have been 32 shark attacks at New Smyrna since 2010 and that is more than twice as many as any other U.S. beach.

Six other Florida beaches made the Top 10 from Travel Lens including Cocoa, Ormond, Panama City, Melbourne, Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale, which came it at Number 10.

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