The Punisher and Jessica Jones have both been cancelled by Netflix


The latest victims of the Netflix and Disney war isThe Punisher, which has been canceled by Netflix after just 2 seasons andJessica Joneswhich is being canceled after 3 seasons. This isn't a huge surprise with Disney preparing to launch their own streaming service later this year.The Punisherseries which starred Jon Bernthal gave us 2 gritty intense seasons andJessica Joneswhich features Kristen Ritter as our bad ass heroine which we can only hope get picked back up by Disney's streaming service.The PunisherandJessica Jonesis just the latest show to get the axe with other Netflix Marvel shows already being pulled likeLuke Cage,DareDevil, andIron Fist.

Only time will tell if the "Defender-verse" will get a new start on Disney's streaming service, but I am sure fans are hoping for a revival of the popular series.

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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