Omarion finally speaks on relationship between Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones

Omarion's lack of acknowledgement to the drama is truly amazing.

After the Millennium Tour ended, which was headlined by B2k, rumors began flying about the relationship between the mother of Omarion's children, Apryl Jones and his group member, Lil Fizz. Apryl began speaking to blogs and numerous other outlets speaking on her love for Fizz and how supportive he was of he in some of her darkest moments, including during her relationship with Omarion.

Eventually through the show Love and Hip Hop which Apryl and Fizz are active cast members of, it was revealed the two had more than a strong friendship but that the relationship had turned romantic with the two sharing an on-screen kiss. Fizz barely spoke on the topic however Apryl spilled all the tea including claims that Omarion pays a low amount in child support and other claims of his lack of support to their family.

Through it all, OMARION SAID NOTHING. I mean, he didn't acknowledge a thing. That is, until he sat down for a multi-part interview with VladTV. Omarion said "I don't feel anyway about it...if they're happy then they should be happy....but I think they should change the narrative."

Check out the clip below where he finally speaks on the relationship.

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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