Has your Child Picked up Weight over the Summer?

5 tips to help you and your child get fit and focused!

By Dr. Fitness aka Max

Some of us don't realize how important it is to have our children in the proper physical and emotional state to perform their best in school. A diet high in sugar and processed foods can set your child up for academic challenges because of the physical and emotional toll they put on their bodies. Our ever growing obesity rate has dramatically impacted our children in higher and higher numbers. If you or your child is weight challenged I recommend your check out my 5 Tips below and text me at 904.236.5858 if you have any additional questions and or want to attend a "Back to School Wellness Check".

  1. GET TO KNOW YOUR CHILD: Getting to know your child and seeing things from his or her point of view. Find out how they feel about exercise and learn what exercises and healthy foods they like it will help you help them learn to trust themselves. This kind of nurturing cements together the positive blocks of self-worth, and can also repair them.
  2. HEAL YOURSELF: improve your own health forgive yourself focus on your positive healthy behaviors… They learn more from what we do than what we say…. spend less time beating up on yourself... you have more time to create successful healthy habits and increasing the amount of activity and increasing the foods you eat high in nutrients. Modeling self love is a great gift you can give.
  3. PLAY WITH YOUR CHILD As a busy person, I had a hard time getting down to my son's level and enjoying unstructured, seemingly unproductive play. After all, I had so many "more important" things on my agenda. Once I realized how much we both benefit, this special time became meaningful. Playtime puts us on our child's level, helping us parents get behind the eyes and into the mind of our children.
  4. SET YOUR CHILD UP TO SUCCEED Helping your child develop talents and acquire skills is part of discipline. If you recognize an ability in your child that he doesn't, encourage him. Strike a balance between pushing and protecting. Both are necessary. If you don't encourage your child to try, his skills don't improve, and you've lost a valuable confidence builder. If you don't protect your child from unrealistic expectations, their sense of competence is threatened. Also remind them to us both straps on the book back to avoid back and shoulder injury, heavy backpack hanging on one shoulder can be a gateway injury to obesity.For more information schedule a ”Back to School wellness check"
  5. REMOVE LABELS "I'm not very athletic," 16 year-old proudly said to me when his mom brought him to my office. Indeed, he hadn't developed his coordination, but the lack of physical development was much easier to correct than the emotional side effects of his label. I mentioned privately to his mom at the Back to School Wellness Checkup, that there are two issues to address in any child with delayed onset of coordination and athletic ability, the physical and the emotional. Every child searches for an identity, and when it’s found they cling to it like a trademark. "bad at sports" & "clumsy" had become his labels. His whole day revolved around this belief, and his family focused on this part instead of on the whole person. Instead of feeling compassion, his brothers and sisters became tired of planning their lives around his fitness challenges. They couldn't go on certain trips like hikes or bike rides because he might get clumsy or tired. At this point it was a family problem. So, we made a deal to improve his physical conditioning and the family agreed to stop calling him clumsy and acknowledge moments of athletic success. 6 months later the whole family would enjoy his newly acquired abilities, hiking at Hanna Park.They all worked at giving "him" a healthier new “little beast” label to wear.

If you or children are weight challenged and you’d like to have a “Back to School Wellness Check” or if you want tips to help your family become more active and fit……text me at 904.236.5858.

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