“Love what you do, and do what you love,” Eugene White, also known as “Gene Dot Com,” knows that quote all too well. A native of Jacksonville, Florida, his experience and well-liked personality have evolved him into a powerful influence in the bold city of Jacksonville and beyond. Gene is a proud graduate of William M. Raines High School, located in north Jacksonville. He considers himself a true Raines Viking to the heart. With that being said, while attending high school Gene Dot Com was responsible for giving the school all of the highlights of the day as the morning announcer. The staff was so moved by Gene’s ability to entertain the students and his ability to speak that the principal, Jimmy Johnson, created a Television Production class to develop other students' craft in this area.Now that Gene's brand has evolved to a center of influence, it's his mission to get adults feeling good about getting out and enjoying life. GeneDotCom appears in various venues throughout the city hosting events that attract adults for good times.You can hear Gene on the weekends! His schedule is: Monday through Thursday 7pm to 12pm and Saturday 2pm to 6pm on the station that is number 1 for R&B and Back In the Day Jams, V 101.5


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